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Fight with Us: In Mourning of George Floyd

Dear Kind Person,

There are no words that have not already been spoken regarding what is plaguing the black community. Still, we need you to speak up. Beneath the anger of our unheard voices, lies a tormenting, heart wrenching, and paralyzing fear.

Police brutality is the leading cause of death for young black men in America. This is not just a black man’s reality, this reality belongs to us all.

When we see George Floyd dying under the pressure of a white officer's knee, we do not just see George Floyd. We see our brothers, fathers, husbands, uncles, children, and selves - bodies collapsing under the pressure of racism and there is a haunting sense of knowing that this will happen again.

When we see the other officers standing in allegiance, supporting and protecting the tyrannical method of enforcing the law, we cannot help but feel powerless.

This abuse is the misuse of power and the impact is unfathomable. While our minds are struggling to process these tragedies, our bodies are responding.

Floyd’s desperation and unanswered cries for help elicit the same psychological and physiological response within us and we are sent spiraling deeper into survival.

What we are experiencing over and over again is trauma. Trauma is a distressing event that is outside of our control.

There is an unfounded and stereotypical belief that black men are lethal and must be taken down at all costs. Black men are being stripped of their humanity. This is why we say that #blacklivesmatter.

Every time a black person comes face to face with a police officer or sees an image like that of George Floyd in our newsfeed, our bodies do not feel safe and we too can’t breathe.

When you watch the video, where do you see yourself reflected? Which role would your brothers, fathers, husbands, uncles, children, and self play? Where lies your responsibility?

We need your advocacy.

We need accountability.

We need justice.

We need this to stop, so that we can live. We are at war with racism and we implore you to fight with us.

Sheree and Lacey

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